What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that a website transfers to a user’s browser during a visit. They correspond to information unique to a user, so that the website recognises the user’s next visit.

There are several types of cookies, those used by the website that deposited the cookie and those sent by third parties for advertising or analytics, internal and external cookies.

A cookie may not contain your name or email address, it’s more of an identity card for your browser, which records your use of the website. They thus allow the proper functioning of the website and are used by most e-commerce sites.

Why do we use cookies?

We distinguish between two types of cookies: those deposited by ourselves, called “first party”, are necessary or functional; and those deposited by third parties, so-called “third party”, are related to audience analysis, advertising or social networks.

First-party cookies

Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential and necessary for the operation of a website. These consist of:

-“Shopping cart” cookies, which allow you to find items in the list, even after you have closed your browser,

– “Authentication” cookies, which allow you to be logged into your account at each visit

– Cookies related to the control of cookies, which allow the website to record your preferences for cookies on this site.

– Etc.

This type of cookie simplifies your navigation and only ESF (erreur dans le site Français?) site has the ability to recognize and “read” them. By definition, these cookies cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies

Other cookies are called “functional” and their role is to enhance your navigation on the website. Similarly, the use of cookies provides us with the opportunity of offering you items based on articles viewed by users on the site.

By disabling these cookies, you will not have access to all the services we offer. Deactivating them may cause malfunctions in these services

Audience analysis cookies

Audience analysis cookies allow us to improve the user experience. We use services such as Google Analytics to understand how our visitors arrive at the site and how they use it. Our partners and service providers, such as Google, deposit audience analysis cookies on behalf of electriciens-sans-frontieres.org (erreur dans le site Français?)

If you do not allow cookies, our opportunities to improve your user experience will be very limited.

Third-part cookies

These cookies are placed by third-party sites, partners of ESF (erreur dans le site Français?). They may be necessary or functional to the service they provide or for audience measurement. You will be thus be able to find cookies deposited by Facebook and Google for their respective social networks.

We also offer you personalized advertising. These cookies remember the sites you’ve visited before and offer you tailored advertising, either in relation to the websites you’ve visited, and to prevent you from seeing the same advertisement too often.

Disabling these cookies limits your use of these services (information sharing on a social networks) or the customization of your advertising (it will not prevent the display of the advertisement).

Deactivating and deleting cookies

All web browsers allow you to limit the behavior of cookies or to disable them in the browser option settings. The steps are different for each browser. With your browser, you can also see what cookies are present on your computer and delete them. Disabling cookies affects your site navigation.

To learn more about cookies and their management, visit the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) site.

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