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Electriciens sans frontières welcomes all forms of support: donations, memberships, communication opportunities...

4.5 million
beneficiaries in 30 years
1.1 billion
people still do not have access to electricity
1,200 volunteers
mobilised to reduce energy poverty

Acting in any situation

The NGO meets the needs of distressed populations, whether they have been left out of development movements, or have been hit by a natural disaster or conflict.


Acting for human and economic development of the poorest by providing them with access to electricity and water


Helping disaster victims and other NGOs in emergency humanitarian disasters.


Putting our expertise in providing access to electricity and water at the service of international solidarity actors.


Meeting basic needs

Because it crosses so many spheres of human activity, access to electricity helps address food, education, health, security, social, economic and environmental issues. .


Signing up for the long term

Our actions on the ground are based on guiding principles based on our expertise and our experience since 1986. These principles guarantee the smooth running of projects and ensure that they fully and sustainably meet the needs expressed by local populations.

Going where others don’t

Because 80% of people without sustainable access to electricity are located in rural areas, the NGO operates primarily in rural areas remote from national electricity grids.

Starting from locally expressed needs

Projects are based on local social and economic concerns in order to provide efficient solutions tailored to the needs of the locality.

Making maximum use of renewable resources

When choosing energy sources, projects emphasize renewable energy in a drive to reduce the environmental impact of installations, but also because they prove, over time, to be the most economical.

Meeting energy efficiency criteria

The energy efficiency of a installation depends on the number of beneficiaries, the costs it will incur and its environmental impact. The projects aim to cover as many people as possible, minimizing costs and minimizing its environmental impact.

Prioritizing community structures

Projects include schools, vocational training centres, health centres, public places … The objective is to meet the basic needs without creating any social division.

Involve local populations

Public involvement is essential to the ownership of the installations, which is itself a guarantee of sustainability. All actions are built in close collaboration with local stakeholders, from implementing the project to maintaining the installations.

Responding to the needs of other actors

Other NGOs can apply to Electriciens sans frontières to support them in those aspects of their projects involving access to electricity and water. Equally for local authorities as part of their decentralized cooperation activities.

Myanmar: Expertise for Doctors Without Borders
Ventiane: Faculty of Pharmacy
Agadez: Photovoltaic power supply for 15 health centres
Daanbantayan: Electrification of the Red Cross village
Macenta: Electrification of an Ebola treatment centre

We share our expertise with, among others:


Suggest a project

Are you the initiator of a project that you would like us to examine? Get in touch.


Support us

Electriciens sans frontières welcomes all forms of support: donations, memberships, communication opportunities...

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