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Dodji Alixo: Electricity for the “Throne of Wisdom” school


  • Population: 10879829 people
    44% urban - 56% rural
  • Life expectancy: 60 years
  • Adult literacy rate, population 15+ years: 29%
  • Population with access to electricity:
    68% urban - 15% rural
  • Population with access to Improved water source:
    85% urban - 72% rural

The need

The village of Dodji Alixo, 8 km from the commune of Allada, in Benin has 45 families, 700 inhabitants in a dispersed settlement. The EMMAÜS Community of Soissons has asked Electriciens sans frontières to bring electricity to the “Throne of Wisdom” school, a primary school that was created in October 2012 and whose five very dark classrooms have more than 200 students.

The response

Electriciens sans frontières is installing solar panels and batteries, lighting and an electrical outlet in several rooms of the school as well as in the house of the village chief. The volunteers are also lighting the village square with two solar streetlights. They are also making available rechargeable lamps for the homes of the parents, thus avoiding the purchase of fuel for petrol lamps and batteries for portable lamps. Finally, they are putting the existing power supply of the dispensary back into operation to allow, among other things the pumping of water from the buried tank.

The impact

The project is contributing to the improvement of education, health and safety. The first beneficiaries of this project are the teachers and pupils of the «Throne of Wisdom» school divided into five classes from kindergarten to Year 4 and their families who will benefit from the lighting and the patients coming to seek treatment at the dispensary.

Good practice

The maintenance and the durability of these installations will be ensured by the financial participation of the villagers in recharging their mobile phone and the portable lamps made available to them.

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