Ongoing project

M’Bomboye: Solar electrification of primary school


  • Population: 15129273 people
    44% urban - 56% rural
  • Life expectancy: 66 years
  • Adult literacy rate, population 15+ years: 43%
  • Population with access to electricity:
    88% urban - 27% rural
  • Population with access to Improved water source:
    93% urban - 67% rural

The need

The PASS(Sharing Friendship and Solidarity Senegal) association asked Electriciens sans frontières to electrify some of the buildings of the public school group located in M’Bomboye. This village has 2,500 inhabitants in different districts and the primary public school has 347 pupils.

The response

Electriciens sans frontières is taking charge of the design and construction of the solar system for lighting a classroom and the offices of the director and teachers. Inside are seven lighting points and four computer, printer, photocopier, video projector and TV sockets. The installation is planned to grow over time, if needed.

The impact

The project aims to improve the conditions of teaching and security, helping the teachers to settle down. It also creates a small income-generating activity through a recharging point for telephones, portable lighting batteries, access to a collective television, reprographics, etc.

Good practice

The project is carried out in the form of a building site school; it includes the persons responsible for monitoring the facilities, information for schoolchildren and users on electricity and the risks associated with this energy.

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