Poggy: Acting on education to combat illiteracy


  • Population: 10711067 people
    59% urban - 41% rural
  • Life expectancy: 63 years
  • Adult literacy rate, population 15+ years: 49%
  • Population with access to electricity:
    72% urban - 15% rural
  • Population with access to Improved water source:
    65% urban - 48% rural

The need

In Haiti, nearly half of the adult population suffers from illiteracy. In isolated areas, leaving school before starting secondary school is accentuated by more austere living conditions. This is the case of Poggy, a village accessible only with difficulty that nestles in the heart of the mountain range of the province of Nippes. In the absence of electricity, its 6,000 inhabitants use energy sources harmful to health and the environment.

The response

The project involves the electrification of the village school, consisting of four classrooms, an office and the teachers’ dormitory by means of the installation of a photovoltaic plant.

The impact

The school will be able to accommodate the 160 pupils in two daily schedules, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, so as not to overload the classrooms and offer the children and the nine teachers good conditions for studying.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about computer-based tools through the installation of electrical outlets and computers. The teaching of computer science will be a real asset for students. Some of these young people may be expected to pursue higher education, obtain qualified employment and contribute to the economic development of their village and country in the future.

Good practices

The supply of the equipment and the execution of the works will be done with the support of a Haitian company, which will allow the management of the school at Poggy to call upon them for an intervention or to supply spare parts. A technician will be trained to maintain the facilities.

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