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Electriciens sans frontières works on many areas of human and economic development.

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Local authorities

In accordance with Law No. 2007-147 of 2 February 2007 relating to the external activities of local authorities and their groupings, the latter may, in compliance with France’s international commitments, enter into agreements with foreign local authorities to carry out cooperative or development aid activities. If the matter is urgent, local authorities and their groupings may also implement or finance humanitarian operations.

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Municipal bodies

Originally the Oudin-Santini law (2005) allowed support for actions abroad in the areas of water and sanitation only by those actors responsible for public service drinking water and sanitation. The Pintat amendment (2006) now allows public service electricity and gas distribution stakeholders to devote up to 1% of their budgets for actions in the field of the public distribution of electricity and gas carried out abroad.

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Agadez: Photovoltaic power supply for 15 health centres
Phongsaly: Electrification of isolated villages
Besoa, Fenoarivo, Sendrisoa: Water and electricity for 15 health centres
Republic of the Congo
Voka et Moukondo: Improve care facilities at health centres
Burkina Faso
Sissili: Power and water for the village
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