Ongoing project

Phongsaly: Electrification of isolated villages


  • Population: 6802023 people
    39% urban - 61% rural
  • Life expectancy: 66 years
  • Adult literacy rate, population 15+ years: %
  • Population with access to electricity:
    98% urban - 55% rural
  • Population with access to Improved water source:
    86% urban - 69% rural

The need

This project responds to a request from villagers and authorities in Phongsaly district. It consists in sharing and implementing with the inhabitants of 10 villages, several solutions for access to electricity. The needs cover areas such as health, education, social life and the development of economic activities.

The response

The first stage of the project allowed the electrification of a health centre, five schools, a secondary school and domestic access to electricity for 130 families through hydroelectric or photovoltaic production systems depending on the local energy resources. The next step will be to install two multifunctional platforms that will provide access to electricity for families wishing to increase their income through the implementation of energy-based paying services.

The impact

The objective of this project to provide initial access to electricity is to define and choose for each type of isolated village the most suitable solution. This model aims to respond to the population’s societal aspirations while taking into account inequalities. The size of the fee for access to electricity was thus fixed according to the incomes of the families.

Good practice

The training is provided in several stages in order to check the achievements during the missions and to provide additional help.

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